Monday, January 19, 2009

Low Res Models

Ok so production is still underway. After a bit of a break over the christmas, new year holidays things are starting to pick up again. I've also just updated my folio at, as paying work is something that I'll need to find time for in order to survive.

Right now I'm just perfoming maintenance on models to help speed up the animation pipeline. One of the main problems I had at the end of the year was that the models were too complex to work with. Meaning that it took too much time to move them, and then play them back to watch how the movement was looking.

I've gone through and added 'low res' models into all of the characters that can be switched on and off during the animation process. This will make the process a lot faster and help keep the flow of ideas and inspiration clear.

I'm also doing maintenance at the moment because I'm in Malaysia working from my macbook. On a side note I recorded some great cicada sounds before I set off. Thanks to my handy little zoom recorder I was able to capture some high quality clips of cicadas singing as groups, individually and also mynah birds making various sounds.

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